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A global challenge to define the future of long-term investment

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Past Grand Challenges

The MIPC focuses on addressing societal issues which large, institutional investors play a critical role in. Our cases center on solving these issues through innovative portfolio strategies that satisfy the needs of a broad range of stakeholders with competing interests.


Solvency of Corporate Defined Benefit Plans

The combination of high longevity and low interest rates has made it challenging for corporate pension plans to remain solvent. Should plans pursue riskier strategies in the hope of increasing returns? Is there a portfolio strategy that delivers the promised pensions while minimizing the need for future cash injections from plan sponsors? Learn More


America’s Pension Crisis

The majority of U.S. public pension plans are severely underfunded. How can these plans invest their way back to fiscal health? Is there a long-term portfolio solution that solves the underfunding while meeting the needs of municipalities, state governments, taxpayers, and plan members? Learn More


Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most urgent global challenges of our time. How do asset managers manage the transition from traditional to sustainable investments? What are some constructive ways we can make a positive environmental impact through our investments? Learn More


The Rise of Protectionism and Social Inequalities

A fictional British sovereign wealth fund is set up amid Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic. The fund has a unique triple mandate to support British economic independence and alleviate social inequalities while simultaneously achieving required returns. Winning solutions form the basis for how investment managers around the world can build socially equitable, yet profitable portfolios amid the kind of rising geopolitical and socio-economic tensions we see today.

What Our Speakers Say


“A mistake is assuming that you understand stakeholders and their needs and their requirements. Taking the time to have dialogue, having the right people at the table, giving it the time that it requires, that goes a long way in being genuine and actually getting to the root of the issue.” 

Josée Guibord

CEO, Evolugen by Brookfield Renewable

Panel Speaker, MIPC 2019


“As I look into this room, you are the ones, to whom in the end we are going to turn to help these governments figure out how capitalism needs to work for all of society, and not just the few.” 

Jean Charest PC

Former Premier of Quebec and Deputy Prime Minister of Canada

Keynote Speaker, MIPC 2019

“A fantastic event that I hope more and more people will subscribe to around the world.”
Scott Lawrence

Managing Director, Head of infrastructure, CPP Investments

Finals Judge, MIPC 2020

What is MIPC?

Today our societies and economies need immediate and conscious efforts to transition towards a sustainable future for our current and subsequent generations. The global asset management industry has the ability to make real change through the way it allocates capital across firms and industries. Since 2017, McGill students have brought together industry leaders and university students from around the World to find innovative portfolio solutions to complex socio-economic issues such as the rise of social inequalities and protectionist tendencies and the ESG transition.

Now in its 5th edition, the MIPC has evolved into a knowledge forum bridging the gap between academic knowledge and industry practices. Hundreds of investors, actuaries, academics, and university students representing diverse backgrounds come together every year to engage in the case competition, speaker series and various recruitment activities. The MIPC tackles a new grand challenge each year and the dedicated student executive team curates a rich and interactive experience for all our stakeholders.

The MIPC competition is an exceptional opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to a multi-faceted, real-world issue. We award C$50,000in cash prizes to our winning student teams, a figure that makes us one of the most lucrative university competitions in the World. For industry partners, it is an insightful experience that brings new solutions for timely challenges in their industry, as well as an opportunity to mentor and recruit the next generation of finance leaders.

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