Rescuing a Canadian Private DB Plan (2017)

Rescuing a Canadian Private DB Plan (2017)

MIPC 2017 Case

A lumber company in British Columbia runs a heavily underfunded pension plan. The managers of the plan’s fund face pressure from shareholders who want to limit cash outflows from the company into the plan, the government that imposes strict solvency regulations, and beneficiaries of the plan who rely on their pension for their retirement. The case highlights how the asymmetric treatment of the fund’s shortfall and surplus can lead to conflicting interests among stakeholders.

1st Place

Quantimental Solutions
​Kiril Gatev | Othmane Zenati | Vincent Stabili | Jonathan Rioux | ​Martin Boyer (Advisor)

2nd Place

Team Alpha
Anshu Ghodawat | Shruti Khetan | Hani Elgamal | Juan Palacios Godoy | Michael Rybak (Advisor)

3rd Place

Team JSA
Jordan Logan | Jarrett Leach | Stephanie Fitzner | Amaan Popatiya | Ross Hallett (Advisor)

Executive Team

Johan Saba


Alexandra Djait-Paulien


Joahanna Diao

VP Sponsorship

Zion Chu

VP Finance

Janine Refai

VP Logistics

Falah Rajput

VP Logistics

Alexandra Hepner

VP External

Thibaud M.-Regnault

VP External