Designing a Sustainable Investment Strategy (2019)

Designing a Sustainable Investment Strategy (2019)

MIPC 2019 Case

The pressure for pension funds to implement more sustainable investment strategies

This year’s edition of the McGill International Portfolio Challenge centers on the Newfoundland and Labrador Pension Investment Board (NLPIB), a fictional asset manager responsible for managing $15B of assets of the province’s 3 largest public pension plans. Recently, NLPIB has come under pressure to implement more sustainable investment strategies and, in particular, divest away from its holdings in the oil & gas industry, which have traditionally been a large, revenue-generating component of the fund’s assets and one of the largest sources of economic growth in the province. The purpose of this case is to devise an optimal portfolio strategy that accommodates the competing interests of the different stakeholders involved and addresses climate risks.


Soliciting a fresh perspective from teams around the globe

With the complex nature of the issue and its impact on the long-term health of the fund in mind, participating teams are expected to come up with an overhauled sustainable asset allocation strategy which accommodates the conflicting interests of different stakeholders and addresses climate risks. The participating teams of MIPC will bring along a wide variety of fresh perspectives to the table submit a proposal that is realistic and viable for NLPIB. It is our sincerest hope that their contributions and creativity will help us find a path to a greener future.


Introducing MIPC's Keynote Speaker

Jean Charest, PC

29th Premier of Quebec, Partner at McCarthy Tétrault


With a public service career spanning almost 30 years, Jean Charest is one of Canada’s best known political figures. Mr. Charest’s most notable past positions include serving as the 29th Premier of Quebec from 2003 to 2012 and acting as the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada in 1993. Mr. Charest was a leader in environmental sustainability in Quebec in his time as Premier, establishing the Sustainable Development Act which granted the right for every person to live in a healthful environment and the Plan Nord to integrate environmental, social, and economic imperatives with sustainability. He now works as Partner with McCarthy Tétrault LLP in the Pension Funds Group providing strategic advice to clients on public policy, corporate, and international matters.

MIPC Panel Discussion

Investing in a Changing World

Josée Guibord

CEO at Evolugen by Brookfield Renewable

Patrick Odier

Senior Managing Partner at Lombard Odier Group

1st Place

Mind the GAAP
Jaime Casigay | Olivier Chainé | Samuel Vallée | Philippe Vézina-Tardif

2nd Place

Axe Capital
Ryan Matthew Heng | Looi Cheong Loong | Arnold Sim | Bernice Wan

3rd Place

APM Capital
Edward Bi | Ronson Chau | Jerry Li

Executive Team

Rakan Lamy
Managing Director, Sponsorships and Corporate Relations
Bhoomika Saxena
Executive Director
Matthew Wilson
Managing Director, External Affairs & Media
Angel Miao
VP External
Tania Essombe Kuoh
VP External
Darius Kuddo
VP Media & Finance
Ryan Kalisky
VP External
Thomas Mienkowski
VP Logistics