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“The McGill International Portfolio Challenge (MIPC) is a unique challenge that focuses on a key, complex and multi-faceted finance issue. Every year, we bring together brilliant minds from all over the world to discover effective and creative solutions to one of the largest economic issues of the 21st century. It is an exceptional platform to apply portfolio management and related classroom knowledge to a fictional case based on elements from real-world problems. The MIPC provides the rare opportunity to attend a multi-stakeholder forum in November, where students can network with leading industry professionals, experts, and like-minded driven students from across the globe. The MIPC is truly an incredible opportunity for students to learn, grow and progress in their academic and professional journeys.”

-MIPC 2019 Executive Team

MIPC 3rd Edition Theme

Long-Term Environmental Sustainability in Buy-Side Finance

Early Bird Registration Open Until May 31st

Standard Registration Open Until September 6th

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Rescuing a Private Canadian Pension Plan


Severe Underfunding of U.S. State Pension Plans



Q: Is the MIPC just focused on underfunded pensions?
A: No. The MIPC addresses buy-side finance in general. While the last two editions have been focused on underfunded pensions, this does not necessarily mean that future cases will as well. This year’s case will be formally revealed September 7, after the end of the registration period.


Q: Do teams need an advisor to participate?
A: While teams are not required to have an advisor from their own school, it is highly recommended by the MIPC Team that you find an academic advisor from your university. In past years, the top 3 teams had advisors. Advisors are meant to serve an advisory role –– that is, they are not supposed to solve the case for the students, but rather be a guide to help along the way. Advisors for the top 25 teams are invited to McGill in Montreal to participate in the finals weekend in November.

Q: Who can compete in MIPC?
A: This competition is open to Undergraduates, MBAs, PhDs, and students in various other Masters programs, such as Economics, Management, Finance, Actuarial Sciences, International Business, Strategy, and more. Every student on a team must be enrolled in an academic program as of, or after July 31st. Those graduating before this threshold are not eligible, while those already in a program or who will start a program after this date are eligible. All students must be enrolled in either a full-time or part-time program in which they will receive a formal degree from an accredited institution. Any university students who have a demonstrated interest in the buy side of finance are encouraged to compete in MIPC. 

McGill students are not allowed to compete in MIPC.   

Q: How do I build a diverse team?
A: Here are some suggestions on how to build a diverse team:


  1. Get in touch with bachelors, masters, and doctorate level students and contact interested students from programs outside of your own. This includes, but is not limited to, business programs, science programs, and arts programs.
  2. Make sure that each team has a complete set of skillsets, including quantitative portfolio modelling, economics thinking, writing, public speaking, and stakeholder analysis.

Q: How many students can be on a team?
A: Teams can be composed of a minimum of 1 student up to 4 students. Note, at the time of registration, we do not require the final composition of your team.

Q: Can students from different universities form one team?
A: Yes, however a team may only officially register and represent one university. All other rules still apply. 

Q: What is the best composition of a team?
A: Historically, winning MIPC teams have a set of very diverse skills. Typically, they are not all strictly finance students; each member brings a different area of knowledge. Additionally, an academic advisor is strongly encouraged to help guide the team.

Q: How much does MIPC cost?
A: Teams must pay a registration fee (C$100 for Early Bird and C$200 for Standard) to enter the competition. If selected for the final round in Montreal, there will be a participation fee of C$1000/team. This amount is heavily subsidized and includes the following amenities thanks to our generous sponsors:  An invitation to the cocktail night, the closing ceremonies gala, and it covers food and various other events over the finals weekend. In addition, this amount covers 2 hotel rooms per night on Friday November 9th and Saturday November 10th. Please note that students are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to Montreal.

Q: How does the selection process work for the final round of MIPC?
A: When submissions are received, they are graded by an independent McGill committee. The MIPC Team purposely requests that you do not include your university on your submission to ensure that the selection process remains completely blind and free of bias. The best 25 reports are selected and MIPC extends formal invitations to those winning teams to come to McGill’s Montreal campus in November to compete for C$50,000 in prize money.

Q: How is the prize money allocated?
A: 1st place is awarded C$25,000. 2nd place is awarded C$10,000. 3rd place is awarded C$7,500. 4th and 5th are awarded $2,500 each. The remaining C$2,500 is split into multiple individual awards for “best speaker” from all of the finalists.

Q: Can multiple teams from the same university be selected for the final round?
A: Our selection process involves a blind reviewing of reports, in the interest of fairness — meaning that reviewers will not know from which school each report comes. Thus, it is possible, though the competition is fierce, that any number of teams from your university could be selected for the final round, because the university is not a factor in the selection.

Q: If my team gets selected to come to Montreal for the final round, do I need a visa to enter Canada?
A: Depending on the country that issued your passport, you may need a visa to enter Canada. Obtaining a visa can take anywhere from 20-40 business days. Therefore, we highly recommend you begin the visa process as soon as possible. The MIPC will provide a letter to show to immigration authorities regarding the purpose of your visit to Canada.

For detailed entry requirements, please visit: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/visit-canada/entry-requirements-country.html

Q: Can I still come to Montreal for the finals weekend even if my team does not make the top 25?
A: Yes, all participants are welcome to come to McGill for the finals weekend. Even though you will not participate in Round 2 of MIPC, you will receive an invitation to our expert panel, the cocktail night, the closing ceremonies gala, meals, and various other events over the finals weekend. You will also be able to view the finals round live and interact with the judges, journalists, and fellow students who attend the competition. Please note that there will be a charge of around C$250 per participant to attend the finals weekend. In addition, students are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to Montreal. Our logistics team will provide teams with assistance for booking hotels.

Q: Do I need to know a lot about finance and financial markets to register?
A: No, the MIPC case is written such that any university student who demonstrates an interest in the buy side of finance, portfolio construction, or investment management could register and not be at any disadvantage over participants who already have extensive finance experience. In fact, we believe that due to the multi-faceted nature of the case, the best teams should include a diverse/interdisciplinary mix of skillsets.

Executive Team of MIPC 2019

Rakan Lamy
Managing Director, Sponsorships and Corporate Relations
Bhoomika Saxena
Executive Director
Matthew Wilson
Managing Director, External Affairs & Media
Darius Kuddo
VP Media & Finance
Angel Miao
VP External
Ryan Kalisky
VP External
Tania Essombe Kuoh
VP External
Thomas Mienkowski
VP Logistics