Past Editions

2020 – Protectionism and Social Inequality

MIPC 2020 Grand Challenge

A fictional British sovereign wealth fund is set up amid Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic. The fund has a unique triple mandate to support British economic independence and alleviate social inequalities while simultaneously achieving required returns. Winning solutions form the basis for how investment managers around the world can build socially equitable, yet profitable portfolios amid the kind of rising geopolitical and socio-economic tensions we see today.

MIPC's First Speaker Series

“Investing in Small-Cap Equities in the Context of Brexit”

-Adam McConkey, Head of Volantis, UK Small and Micro Cap Investments, Lombard Odier Investment Managers

“Driving Data and Technology Innovation within a Pension Fund”

-Raheel Janjua, Director, Innovation, CPP Investments

“Investing in Times of Changing Political Beliefs and Landscapes”

-Raheel Janjua, Director, Innovation, CPP Investments

MIPC 2020 Panel Discussion

“Diversity and Inclusion in the Financial Industry”

-Jasbir Nizar, Head of Business Development, Lombard Odier Investment Managers

– Linda El Ghordaf, Partner, Financial Risk Management, KPMG

– Wagner Dada, Senior Portfolio Manager, CPP Investments

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Top Proposals

Team Isos Capital

Ryan Heng, Joey Ong, JieHui Tan, ChinAnn Lee

Team Ctrl Alt Elite

Laura Alb

CIBC Asset Management Runner-Ups

Team Iced Capital

Noah Yabrov, Fahad Salman,

Isaac Wong, Parbir Deol

Team MMCJ Investments

Chayse Hnatowich, Michel Goudreault,

Micheal Berger, Justin Wannop

Team Red Rose Advisors

Eeshwar Dutt, Aaron Borchert,

Liem-Lucas Nguyen, Danielle Leong

Specialty Prizes

2020 Executive Team

Deborah Acri
VP Sponsorship & External
Melis Çalhan
VP Media
Oriane Gerfaux
VP External & Logistics
Ferhat Gherbi
VP Logistics
Vrinda Vohra
VP External
Grace Francoeur
VP External
Darius Kuddo
Co-Executive Director,

External Relations, Media, Logistics

Tania Kuoh
Co-Executive Director,

Corporate Relations

2019 – Designing a Sustainable Investment Strategy

MIPC 2019 Grand Challenge


A fictional public pension fund in Newfoundland and Labrador is under pressure to divest from its oil & gas holdings, while simultaneously satisfying the provincial government who relies on the local O&G industry, taxpayers who contribute funds to the plan, indigenous groups who define how their lands are used, a local O&G union who employs workers in this sector, and pensioners of this plan.


1st Place

Mind the GAAP
Jaime Casigay | Olivier Chainé | Samuel Vallée
Philippe Vézina-Tardif

2nd Place

Axe Capital
Ryan Matthew Heng | Looi Cheong Loong | Arnold Sim | Bernice Wan

3rd Place

APM Capital
Edward Bi | Ronson Chau | Jerry Li

Introducing MIPC's Keynote Speaker

Jean Charest, PC

29th Premier of Quebec,

Partner at McCarthy Tétrault

MIPC Panel Discussion

Investing in a Changing World

Josée Guibord

CEO at Evolugen by Brookfield Renewable

Patrick Odier

Senior Managing Partner at Lombard Odier Group

2019 Executive Team

Rakan Lamy
Managing Director, Sponsorships and Corporate Relations
Bhoomika Saxena
Executive Director
Matthew Wilson
Managing Director, External Affairs & Media
Angel Miao
VP External
Tania Essombe Kuoh
VP External
Darius Kuddo
VP Media & Finance
Ryan Kalisky
VP External
Thomas Mienkowski
VP Logistics

2018 – Severe Underfunding of U.S. State Pension Plans

MIPC 2018 Grand Challenge

A large public pension plan in the U.S. is in danger of collapse. The fund’s Chief Investment Officer must find a long-term portfolio solution that meets the needs of state unions who represent public interests, municipalities who contribute capital to the fund, the state government’s political agendas, federal regulations, and active and retired members of the plan. The case highlights how the going concern regulation creates an intricate relationship between the asset allocation of the fund, its funding ratio, and the required contribution from the municipalities.


Introducing MIPC's Keynote Speaker

Dr. Heather Munroe-Blum

O.C., O.Q., Ph.D., F.R.S.C

Chairperson, Board and Investment Committee

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB)

MIPC Panel Discussion

The Future of Pensions

Dr. Marlene Puffer

President and CEO
CN Investment Division

Dr. Carl Robert

Director and Portfolio Manager,
Asset Allocation at Intact Investment Management Inc.

1st Place

SH Consulting
Daria Emami | Wyatt Phillips | Rafael Silva | Alim Suleman

2nd Place

Theta Consulting
Gabriel Boivin | Simon-Pierre Boucher | Lea Capobianco | Pierre=Yves Gendron

3rd Place

Team Star
Tuershunjiang Ahemaitijiang | Xiaofan Hou | Junchao Liao | Xiao Wang

2018 Executive Team

Tatjana Dimock

Managing Director

Jake Titleman

Executive Director

Alexandre Cassagne

Managing Director

Leo Wang

VP Media

Bhoomika Saxena

VP External

Oriane Pacic

VP Logistics

Pierre Fossecave

VP Logistics

Catherine Rosenthal

VP Finance

Matthew Wilson

VP External

2017 – Rescuing a Canadian Private DB Plan

MIPC 2017 Grand Challenge

A lumber company in British Columbia runs a heavily underfunded pension plan. The managers of the plan’s fund face pressure from shareholders who want to limit cash outflows from the company into the plan, the government that imposes strict solvency regulations, and beneficiaries of the plan who rely on their pension for their retirement. The case highlights how the asymmetric treatment of the fund’s shortfall and surplus can lead to conflicting interests among stakeholders.

1st Place

Quantimental Solutions
Kiril Gatev | Othmane Zenati | Vincent Stabili
Jonathan Rioux | Martin Boyer (Advisor)

2nd Place

Team Alpha
Anshu Ghodawat | Shruti Khetan | Hani Elgamal
Juan Palacios Godoy | Michael Rybak (Advisor)

3rd Place

Team JSA
Jordan Logan | Jarrett Leach | Stephanie Fitzner
Amaan Popatiya | Ross Hallett (Advisor)

2017 Executive Team

Johan Saba


Alexandra Djait-Paulien


Joahanna Diao

VP Sponsorship

Zion Chu

VP Finance

Janine Refai

VP Logistics

Falah Rajput

VP Logistics

Alexandra Hepner

VP External

Thibaud M.-Regnault

VP External