Specific Inquiries

Specific Inquiries

Unless you have a need to contact a specific member of our team, please use the general inquiry form.

Darius Kuddo, Co-Executive Director, External Relations, Media, Logistics  darius@mipc.ca

Tania Essombe Kuoh, Co-Executive Director, Corporate Relations , tania@mipc.ca

Melis Çalhan, VP Media, melis@mipc.ca

Deborah Acri, VP External and Sponsorship- Europe, Latin America deborah@mipc.ca

Grace Francoeur, VP External – North America grace@mipc.ca

Vrinda Vohra, VP External – Middle East, Oceania, Asia vrinda@mipc.ca

Oriane Gerfaux, VP External and Logistics – Europe, oriane@mipc.ca

Ferhat Gherbi, VP Logistics, ferhat@mipc.ca