Specific Inquiries

Specific Inquiries

Unless you have a need to contact a specific member of our team, please use the general inquiry form.


Bhoomika Saxena, Executive Director, bsaxena@mipc.ca

Matthew Wilson, Managing Director of External Affairs & Media, mwilson@mipc.ca

Rakan Lamy, Managing Director of Sponsorship and Corporate Relations, rlamy@mipc.ca

Darius Kuddo, VP Media and Finance, dkuddo@mipc.ca

Angel Miao, VP External – Asia, Australia, South America, amiao@mipc.ca

Ryan Kalisky, VP External – North America, rkalisky@mipc.ca

Tania Essombe Kuoh, VP External – Europe, Africa, tkuoh@mipc.ca

Thomas Mienkowski, VP Logistics, tmienkowski@mipc.ca