Specific Inquiries

Specific Inquiries

Unless you have a need to contact a specific member of our team, please use the general inquiry form.

Grace Francoeur, Executive Director, grace@mipc.ca

Oriane Gerfaux, Managing Director, Communications, oriane@mipc.ca

Angel Miao, Managing Director, Corporate Relations, angel@mipc.ca

Ferhat Gherbi, Managing Director, Operations, ferhat@mipc.ca

Mia Tran, VP External, mia@mipc.ca

Nabil Anouti, VP Media, nabil@mipc.ca

Frederic Lapointe, VP External & Sponsorship, frederic@mipc.ca

Greta Horn, VP External & Logistics, greta@mipc.ca

Claudio Cichi, VP External, claudio@mipc.ca

Samuel Moses, VP External, samuel@mipc.ca