Should long-term asset managers pursue riskier strategies in the hope of increasing returns?

How can we adapt our investment strategies to consciously create positive societal impact and continuously reduce negative societal impact?

How to manage the transition from traditional to sustainable investments?

Can we find innovative portfolio solutions that are both profitable and have a positive social impact?

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The MIPC hosts multiple recruitment activities throughout the two months preceding the finals weekend to maximize our partners’ time to connect with students. We hold numerous events with our partners in a group setting, ranging from traditional recruiting sessions to more creative, thought-provoking events. New this year, we are implementing an initiative to hold recruitment events as early as the summer in order to complement the recruitment timeline of many top finance firms.

Continuing from the MIPC 2020, we offer a mentorship program for each of our semi-finalist teams. Each student team will be matched to a mentor from one of our partners, who will meet with them to review and give feedback on their proposal. This is an excellent opportunity for your firm to offer professional advice to these students and share your expertise with the future leaders of tomorrow.

Our Speaker Series is composed of TED-style talks by senior leadership from many of our partners. Participants are able to engage with your company through live Q&A and small-group discussions on the topic at hand.

In a variety of formats, students have the chance to engage with our partners on a one-on-one basis, helping them form deep connections and fostering interest in your firm. Additionally, the MIPC is an excellent opportunity for your firm to network with colleagues, peers, and potential clients as well.

Every year, we host a panel of C-Suite and other high-profile executives to engage the broader community on how finance can benefit society as a whole through the lens of institutional investors and of practitioners.  The Integrated Management Symposium, which is a strategic engagement vehicle for the Desautels Faculty, can be an opportunity for you to suggest a thought leader from your organization to share insights about the Grand Challenge. The symposia are recorded as videos and podcasts and disseminated through Desautels thought leadership platform, Delve.  This in-person symposium is organized during the MIPC finals week related to that year’s Grand Challenge and all participants get a chance to learn from leaders in institutional finance.

Watch the MIPC 2019 Symposium about with Josée Guibord, CEO at Evolugen by Brookfield Renewable, and Patrick Odier, Senior Managing Partner at Lombard Odier Group


Watch the MIPC 2018 Symposium about The Future of Pensions with Dr. Marlene Puffer, President and CEO at CN Investment Division, and Dr. Carl Robert, Director and Portfolio Manager, Asset Allocation at Intact Investment Management Inc.

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